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Lead Yourself First cards will help you:

  • Acquire must-have leadership competencies so you may effectively manage yourself and lead others.
  • Reveal the 4 focus areas of successful leaders to help transform your results as a new or seasoned leader.
  • Apply strategies used by masterful leaders to build your confidence.
  • Incorporate simple practices at your own pace, to transform you into an impactful leader.



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Doni’s “Lead Yourself First” cards have provided me much help through the years!

I use them both personally and professionally and to first get MY head right…then, I am whole to lead my team of 30.  I’ve found that I reference them over and over again and always find some kind nugget of wisdom that I can apply to the exact struggle I'm facing on that particular day!  Random? Probably not.  Many of our challenges are just opportunities cleverly disguised in work clothes …so you don't see the potential for greatness within them. Doni’s cards have helped me to see that.

Although I leave them on my bathroom vanity and start my day by reading one, I also find myself referencing different sections based on the particular challenge I am facing! They are a great way to stay on purpose and be mindful – to start your day by choosing what kind of day you want instead of reacting to everything that happens. I love that the cards remind you of the successful practices that you've used in the past and get your mind thinking about how to apply those same principles for current challenges! These cards have been of immeasurable importance to me!


Dr. Mel Youngs, D.C., P.A.
Dr. Mel Youngs DC, PA Chiropractic Physicians and Wellness


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